Cloning the repository#

To clone the repository, make sure you have git installed and available on your system. To clone, run the following command in a terminal

git clone ""

Running the library locally#

After making some changes to the code or looking at the code, you may want to test out the library locally. To install it from the source code, assuming you are in the root directory of the repository, run the following command:

pip install .

You may need to change pip to pip3 if you have both python 2 and python 3 installed on your system.


Alternatively, you can also use the following command to run the CLI without installing the library first, do note that this only works in the root directory of the repository, to use globally, you have to install it.

python -m fastero --help

--help is just a demo, you can run any command

Generating the documentation#

To build the documentation, you first need to install the requirements from requirements-docs.txt

python -m pip install -r requirements-docs.txt

Then you must change the current working directory to the documentation root directory

cd docs

Then run the following command to generate the documentation

make html

This will generate the required HTML files in the build/html directory. Go to that directory and open the index.html file in an web browser and you should see the documentation