Internal Stucture#

Fastero’s internal structure isn’t really the best. It’s arguably even worse than my other projects. Most of this project was planned and built as fast as possible without much thought being given to the design and readability of the code.

Repository Layout#

  • .vscode/
    • settings.json - Visual Studio Code project specific settings

  • docs/ - Documentation for the project
    • source/ - Source code for the documentation
      • _static/ - Static files for the website

      • *.rst - RST files. These are used for the actual content of the documentation

  • examples/ - Examples on how to use fastero
    • export/ - Examples on how the exported data looks

    • *.ps1 - Powershell script files. These can be ran on Windows

    • *.sh - Shell script files. These can be ran on Linux and MacOS

  • fastero/ - Source code for fastero
    • - The files are required to make Python treat directories containing the file as packages.

    • - The is used for python programs that need to be ran from the command line. For example, python -m fastero

    • - Contains the core code from fastero

    • - Contains code used for all kinds of different output formats

    • - Short and simple utility functions and classes used by fastero

  • .gitattributes - File used to tell git to perform LF Normalization

  • .gitignore - File used to tell git what files to not include in the repository

  • LICENSE - License information for the source code

  • logo.png and logo.jpg - The logo of fastero

  • - A guide that gives users a detailed description of the project.

  • schema.json - The schema used for the JSON export.

  • setup.cfg - The configuration file for setuptools

  • - The python file for setuptools

  • - List of things yet to do