The code for this library is mostly well commented. If you still have any questions or a problem, DM me on twitter. I also maintain a file on the root of the repository and there may be open issues in the github repository so you may want to check those out if you are unsure on what to contribute

Why contribute?#

Open source contribution can be an amazing learning experience. It allows you to give back to and be a part of communities that build valuable open source software. It enables you to make software that you use, better.

How to contribute?#

The most common form of contribution is code. However your contributions do not have to be exclusive to code. You can help by making comments on existing code and bugs, making suggestions by creating an github issue, adding a new gradient to the image export function. Or just tell others about fastero.

If you want a guide on what each file in the codebase does check out Internal Structure

Code of Conduct#

Our code of conduct can be viewed at CODE_OF_CONDUCT. If you are not familiar with our Code of Conduct policy, take a minute to read the policy before starting with your first contribution.